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How to loose 9 pounds in a month

Nine pounds is converted to four Kgs in a month, it is considered a healthy weight loss because in every week you will be loosing approximately one kg. The followings tips are very crucial and professional, as I have advised to most of my clients and it really works. The most important thing to note is these tips can be your lifestyle and help you achieve the weight of your dreams.

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Adopt to breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Queen and Dinner like a princess.

This is only a say, but we often use it to tell you the followings, first do not skip breakfast because it is the starter of the day., second make sure you get adequate nutrients and enough portion in the morning, and third, make sure to include all the groups of nutrients you know. Lunch like a Queen we mean to watch out for your portions, as queens do not eat like they are in a race. and finally dinner like a princes it means eat very small portion at night because now your body is relaxing and you’re resting so you do not need so much calories at night.

Don’t forget to snack.

Snacking helps you with the followings; first to consume less calories, second to reduce portions, and last but not least to prevent over eating, How many times a week can you snack, twice I mean in between Breakfast and Lunch and in between Lunch and dinner, things to note is to aim for your snack two hours after consuming a main meal and also avoid unhealthy snacks I mean those that contain too much sugar, too much salt and deep fried. aim for fruits, salad, smoothies, and low fat dairies.

Develop a permanent eating time.

What this does, first of all it improves your gut Health, second it will help you to avoid skipping meals, and it will allow you to have a so called meal discipline. because our bodies tend to adopt what ever routine we command it to follow so If you command your tummy it will follow you so do the whole process of digestion.


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Adopt a full plate technique

This technique allows you, to consume less calories, more than half a plate is filled with vegetables and adequate amount of protein, food and a small part of Carbs. This will help those people when you say reduce your portion, the first thing coming into their minds is eating but feel unsatisfied. Adopting this rule will make you feeling very well about your journey and confident and it will keep you out of stress and will makes you feeling good, and it will hinder you from developing eating problems.

Restrict yourself from some foods

This is always the hardest part to control, since most of these foods are what makes us happy, when we eat them. Let me tell you that you can sometimes cook them in a healthy way and still enjoy them, how about that? because fried foods when they are baked, they taste very well. so it’s for you to twist how you prepare them however the quantity must be your number one priority.

Stay active

This doesn’t necessary mean, you have to in roll yourself to the gym classes, that’s why i said stay active. walk instead of using a car, walk your dog out, ride a bike, doing the house chores, working on your garden and so much more you can do. Make sure you enjoy the activities you’re doing this is the most important part, if You do not enjoy what you’re doing you won’t feel like waking up the other day and doing it. Develop a very enjoyable activity schedule for you at list thirty minutes a day.

Don’t forget to weigh yourself

As much as many people are afraid of weighing regularly, it is a must if you want to achieve that weight loss of your goal

I would conclude by saying that for a person who has decided that they want to change their weight, by loosing some pounds it is important to set the short term goals and the long term goals, for more info on weighing regularly for weight loss visit this link I mean weekly goals, monthly goals, after three months and after a year. Weight loss happen when you have SMART goals.

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