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How to deal with an Obese Child

Hello, my good readers, it has been a long time, am writing this article while hoping who ever is reading this is safe and good. I know it has been a very challenging year to most of us.

the reason why am writing this, you know am always writing what I see as a nutritional or dietary mislead, that is my main reason, to clear the air especially when it comes to Nutritional and diets but most especially when those things relates to weight loss,.

In the previous days I saw a video of children with their physical trainer, proudly saying that, they’ve lost more that ten kilograms which is almost 22 pounds in just two weeks, so that got me researching and coming up with good solutions for you my readers.

1. Teach your child to love him/her self

Most of the time we depress children by reminding them how fat they are especially by calling them names and bullying them. Imagine your child is being called names at school, due to how he looks and at home too, so if we teach an obese child that beauty comes in different shades that would be a great start.

2.Make your child love healthy foods

You know to most people healthy foods are boring and that is what we also teach our children by feeding them Junk foods as the sign of love, but if you will start to make your child loving fresh fruit juice rather than sodas or a plate of fruits rather than crips nd chips, saying less Cook and prepare good and healthy meal for your child instead of starving your child with an excuse of getting thin

3. Prepare what your child would eat.

Having a weekly planner or monthly meal planner is good as it allows you to include variety of foods, makes it easier for you to track the child’s eating habits, and omit the all possibilities of feeding your child the same type of meal that will make the child hate the food.

4. Consult a Paediatric, Paediatric Dietitian or Registered Dietitian.

Please do not start the weight loss program for a child before seeing these specialists as they know better under what condition the child can and can’t be allowed to loose weight so it is so important to include them in this any weight loss program.

Engage your children under different Physical activities

At list 60 minutes every day live them for your child to go out and play football, or walking the dog, playing with other children or even with you, if you’re a parent or guardian, you do not need a physical exercise trainer for your child in order for your child unless recommended by paediatrician, buy things that engage a child to do physical activities, example a rope, a bicycle, to name a few. Also encourage him to engage him/her self to engage into sports at schooll.

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All in all;

As the child’s obesity can be so dangerous for the child and risky, also trying your old ways of starving the child and other things can worsen the situation even more and as the child is still growing, he needs all the nutrients for growth and development of the child and also a very rapid weight loss can lead to muscle wasting which is not good at all for the child.


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