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6 assessment questions before starting the healthy program of loosing weight

Hey there its been a long time, it’s my belief that we’re all fine . First of all let me start by saying adopting new habits or lifestyles it is always not easy, but at the same time it requires a lot of courage and decision, as a person who is determined to teach people on healthy eating and transitioning to healthier eating habits its my obligation to make sure that, I teach, and directing you to a good path. And, remember guys I conduct this therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for treating obesity so please if you need my service kindly feel free to check me through out my emails, I also conduct this service online.

Oky jumping to the real business here are the self assessment questions anyone who wishes to transform from unhealthy weight to healthier weight should ask themselves,

1.Are you motivated to go through that process?

Find out, what exactly motivates you to go through that process, if you don’t have any motives trust me the program of transitioning to healthier weight through lifestyle modification will be very hard for you. When you have motivations you get the reasons to wake up everyday and do the actions that will encourage your transition. Make sure when you are looking for motivations they must be accurately and realistic.

2.Are you ready to change your eating habits?

This journey will not be easy if your not ready to let go of the old eating habits that have gotten you to where you’re today, once you realise that you are ready then you’re one step further to begin this healthy journey of yours

3. Are you motivated to exercise?

In this healthy journey working out or being active is very important because as I have said before when it comes to putting down some weight eating habits takes 80% while exercising complete the 20% so it is so important to make sure you asses yourself on your readiness to workout and staying active.

4. Are you ready to make the whole program your priority?

Based on your daily activities and schedule it is very important to prioritise this program failure to do this you will allow excuses and hence failures it is hard to succeed in this program if it is not one of your priorities.

5. Are you ready to start?

This is a very important question to ask yourself, am I ready? start when you’re ready allow your own self , mind, body and soul to tell you that now you are ready for the whole process or program.

6. Do you Know the goals of the program and agree with them?

This is very important because there are always expectations and reality, so before you start loosing weight by changing your lifestyle or your following any program that will lead you to achieving your healthy weight kindly make sure you know the goals and agree with them to avoid further disappointments.

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