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What I use for my immunity during COVID19

Hello there and welcome to this site whether you’re new to this site or a continuous reader. Am known for my ability to help people maintain and archive their healthy weigh goals, but since the whole world is facing this pandemic COVID 19 I though I would share something that I normally use, please note that it isn’t a cure but due to the nutritional contents of these ingredients that’s the reason why am using them.

Ingredients I use are;

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • onion

What I do is

First of all I make sure I clean everything and having my blender, I put all my ingredients in a blender, blending it with hot water and I drink my juice at list three times a day. Something to note is I don’t peel my lemon and remove all the seeds from it.

I also make sure I exercise, eating healthy with lots of fruits, drinking water and I rest when possible.

Well guys sharing is caring and I hope I have shared mine am really hoping to hear from you guys what things your using at home so that we can all fight this pandemic together

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