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frequently asked questions about weighing regularly for weight loss

My very small research I have done so far I have found out that most people trying to loose weight are always afraid to weigh themselves or takes too long to weigh themselves, doing this contribute so much to making them give up because for example lets assume that you have been going through the process for the entire month and you wanted to loose at least ten pounds in the whole month instead you find yourself to have gained those ten pounds instead of loosing them, these expectations might lead you to want to quit immediately without even questioning your self.

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Down bellow are the questions that most people has when am telling them to weigh regularly if they are transiting to healthier body weight.

QN; why should I weigh regularly if am trying to loose weight.

The followings are the main reasons why you should weigh regularly

  • Helps to keep you on your track to avoid unexpected suprises
  • Allows your weight loss coach to understand if the things she/ he is providing you with are working
  • It plays a very big part at keeping you motivated
  • And allows you to know whether it is time for you to start maintaining instead og loosing
  • Helps you to find out whether you are loosing too much muscles in the process and to find out what to do instead.

QN;How many times am I supposed to weigh myself

I recommend to weigh once every week , because the accurate weight loss in a week is supposed to be from 0.5 to 1 kgs or 1 to 2 pounds. If you are loosing more than that or not loosing at all consult your dietitian or weight loss coach for more clarifications.

QN; When its the right time to weigh my self

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I personally recommend to weigh in the morning after your body come from resting mode even before taking your breakfast. as you know when we are sleeping or resting there are body activities that continue taking place like digestion, respiration to mention a few and all that usually requires and consumes energy so measuring in the morning is the best.

QN; When it’s not the right time to weigh.

Usually after coming from intensive workout, soon after finishing your meal wait at list three to four hours depending on what you have eaten especially after eating heavy meals. also after a long walk or run.

QN; Is it necessary to take my cloth off when ever I want to weigh myself.

Yes, depending on what you are wearing intimate cloths you can weigh them with but other clothes no if you want the best results as they can highly contribute to increasing your measures which might not be so good for you and your weight loss journey.

QN; Is it okay to share my weight measures;


This part I want to talk widely about this there are so many kinds of people the ones who supports you and those who don’t the positive minded and the negative minded therefore It’s okay to share but you should choose well with whom you are sharing your results with make sure its a pack of people who supports you and who understands your journey and also those who cares for your well being doing telling the wrong people might lead to some disappointment for example I once heard a person telling the one who badly wants to loose weight that, ” Why are you going through all that trouble while we all will die” and other staffs so my advice to you is choose wisely.

QN ; what I recommend as a weighing scale

There are lots of weighing scales out there that I do recommend but one of them is this one from RANPHO group it is you can press the link down bellow to learn more

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