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Hello am Diana

As a dietitian i help guiding you through the healthy lifestyle

learn a lot from me especially when it comes to loosing weight in a healthy way

I run a special blog platform that is usually giving education concerning your health and what you need to do for your own welbeing

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allow me to walk you through a fabulous journey of loosing weight healthier.

loosing 9 pounds in a months

Yes you surely can loose those pound in a month without starving yourself, Wanna know how? please read more

secrets to long term weight loss and mantanance

Loosing weight is one thing, but what about maintaining the weight?

loosing weight without loosing money

Did you know you can loose weight without having to buy and pay for weigt loss programs, please learn how


co worker

Working with Diana have been such a great pleasure as she has touched the lives of so many people especially in our hospital
Grace Richard

Area of Expertise!

providing dietary assistance in every physical problem and every stage of life

Providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Treating Both Overweight and Obese

6 quick assessment questions before a healthy weight loss program.

Self assessment is crucial especially before you choose going through any weight loss program, find out more

Why Carbs are not the enemy, you are.

Do you still skip and avoid Carbs because of a weight loss, the following factors will amaze you….

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